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Everyone loves a good wedding and we are NO different! 

When I was a child I dreamed of weddings; couldn't wait to plan my own, and in all honesty probably planned it multiple times before I was even engaged. I've always loved the atmosphere and feeling you get walking into what will be the beginning of someone's married love story. All that being said, I'm not set out to be a full time planner, and that is not where my strength lies! Thank goodness I hired a local planner who fixed all the mistakes I made during planning. Our strength comes in the form of cake. I love sitting down with our couples and talking about all their plans so far and coming up with ideas that fit with their themes.

I want to help you figure out your vision for your wedding cake. Below are multiple sizes that we offer with different styles of decorations.

Cutting Cake -Feeds 12 people

Two tier to feed 36 people

Two tier to feed 44

Three their to feed 75 


Three tier to feed 100

Four tier to feed 120

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