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Yes, you read that right! After ten wonderful years downtown, it's time for us to make a little change. We think this move will be best for us AND for you! I think this part should be concise and decisive... be confident in your decision! At the end of the year we'll be closing our downtown location to move to a more central location! Pros: -We'll have a PARKING LOT! *insert praise hands* We know how much of a pain it is to find parking when you're picking up your orders. (Believe us, we totally understand! Wedding cake delivery is NOT ideal in our current parking situation!) -It's a more central location! We hope being mid-town will be more convenient for you! -A bigger kitchen! This is especially great for us, but also for you! It means we'll be able to take more orders! Now it's time for a Q&A Q: Are we still going to be able to place orders? A: Of course! Our time frame requirements may be changing a bit. We'll require 36 hours for cupcakes orders and a minimum of 72 hours for custom cakes. Q: Oh no! You're not downtown how can I still get your sweets? A: We're working on finding a coffee shop or other shops to carry some of your favorites downtown so you can still get your mid-day fix. Q: What if we're not downtown? Can we stop in to grab sweets at your new location? A: YES! We'll have slightly different hours (more to come on that as we finalize all plans) but you will still be able to pop in a grab a sweet treat. And it'll be even more convenient with our parking lot and more central location. Q: What about Harry Potter weekend?! A: Are you kidding? We couldn't give that up! Q: What about the macarons?! We need the macarons!

A: We are planning to do oh so many macarons! You can also always place a macaron order, just give us 48-hour business hour notice. There MAY also be a shop downtown carrying them on weekends! ;) More info as details are finalized. Q: You've just started the private events, what about those? A: We'll still be offering a private event space, but we may need a little more time to get that 100% ready. Q: Wine and beer?

A: We will not continue to serve wine and beer or have it for purchase in the bakery. For private events, you will be able to bring in your own beverages. Q: Will you still have product at Port City Produce?

A: That's the plan! Once they open again in the spring, we are planning to be there! If this is new information to you, we carry a variety of loaf cakes and breakfast-y loafs along with oatmeal cream pies and assorted cookies.

So get ready to see some behind the scenes of the renovation of our new location! And maybe even a few story polls to help us make some decisions! We're very excited about everything that is coming with the move.

We took many months considering all of our options and what it boiled down to was making you happy and what was best for our lovely customers!

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