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It's starting to really feel like fall, and you know what that means!

It's almost time to think about Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving desserts! We hope we made it easy for you to decide this year and have set up the menu a little different this year, to include more than just our normal pies. Now this isn't the limit of what you can order, if you have a favorite cake we already make that's not listed, you can still order that! We just wanted to try and give you some seasonal ideas. Orders can be taken until November 23rd for a day before Thanksgiving pick up. But you'll can arrange for an earlier pick up if you're heading out of town earlier in the week as well.

I know I'll be making one of our classic pumpkins and the salted caramel apple for our Friendsgiving festivities this year! Fam, better get your orders in soon!

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