Cake Menu

Flavors that CAN be made vegan or gluten free are marked with respective V/GF.

Specialty pricing applies to all vegan or gluten free.

Cakes do not come standard in Vegan and Gluten Free and are available by request only.

Vegan cakes contain soy.


Please note any food allergies when placing your order.

Cakes are made to custom order only.

All flavors listed below can be made into cake form.

Cake orders must be placed a minimum of 1 week prior to pick up but we recommend to get orders in early.


As wedding season approaches, we are booking fast on weekends!  Please email pictures of desired cake(s) to for pricing.

**We are currently booking 3-4 weeks in advance for cakes.**



chocolate cake with vanilla or chocolate frosting (V/GF)


Hot Mess

chocolate red velvet marble cake, vanilla buttercream, chocolate drip, sprinkles, and chocolate chip cookies


Lady Killer

chocolate cake, filled with ganache, chocolate buttercream, and ganache drip (V/GF)

Chocolate Peanut Butter

chocolate cake topped with our client favorite peanut butter buttercream (V/GF)


Fox Noir

chocolate cake, filled with berry compote and raspberry cream cheese (V/GF)

Crimson Fox

red velvet cake, filled with berry compote and raspberry cream cheese (V/GF)


Reverse Flash

chocolate cake, snickers baked inside, salted caramel buttercream, peanut butter drizzle (GF)


Sugar Cookie Tart

Two sugar cookies filled with buttercream and topped with macarons and berries


Lime cake with a lime tequila buttercream topped with lime slices and twists. (V/GF)



chocolate cake, filled with ganache, mint oreo buttercream, ganache drizzle (V)

Caramel Latte

vanilla cake washed with espresso topped with a salted caramel espresso buttercream (V/GF) 

North Caramelina

almond cake filled with dulce de leche, salted caramel buttercream (GF)

Wonder Woman

chocolate cake, filled with coffee ganache, coffee caramel buttercream, topped with toffee pieces (GF)


Pink Champagne

champagne cake, washed with champagne, champagne buttercream

90's Kid

Funfetti cookie dough cake with vanilla buttercream and sugar cookie on top


German Chocolate

chocolate cake, filled with coconut and pecan frosting, covered in chocolate cream cheese  (GF)



Vanilla cake with strawberries baked into the cake filled with strawberry compote and  either vanilla buttercream or cream cheese (V/GF)


Strawberry Lemon

Vanilla cake with strawberries, filled with house made lemon curd. Fresh strawberries and lemon twists for decor. (GF)

Cake Flavor Options
(not pictured)

Queen Bee

almond cake, honey buttercream


Blueberry Lemon

blueberry cake, lemon buttercream


Black Panther

chocolate cake filled with an espresso ganache, salted chocolate buttercream and brownie pieces

Dark Matter

chocolate cake, blackberry buttercream (V/GF)

Salted Caramel

chocolate cake, salted caramel buttercream (V/GF)

Almond Baileys

almond cake, baileys buttercream

Death Star

chocolate cake, filled with espresso bourbon ganache, espresso bourbon buttercream


fig cinnamon pecan cake, cinnamon cream cheese




Lavender Lemon

lavender cake and lemon buttercream



vanilla cake with vanilla or chocolate frosting (V/GF)

Chocolate Mint (V/GF)

Raspberry Lemonade

lemon cake, lemon raspberry buttercream



Irish Coffee

vanilla cake washed with espresso, espresso baileys buttercream


vanilla cake, snickers baked inside, topped chocolate cream cheese and drizzled with caramel.



cinnamon sugar cake, filled with dulce de leche, cinnamon cream cheese


Chi Chi

macadamia nut cake, filled with pineapple, coconut buttercream


Red Velvet

classic red velvet cake topped with our famous cream cheese



carrot cake with raisins and coconut topped with our famous cream cheese



choose from coconut or chocolate cake with coconut buttercream, rolled in coconut



Cookies And Cream

chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and crushed Oreos


Lemon (V/GF)

Cake Pricing

4" to feed 4-6 starts at $20

6" to feed 8-10 starts at $35

8" to feed 12-16 starts at $50

9" to feed 16-20 starts at $60

10" to feed 20-26 starts at $85

12" to feed 30-36 starts at $100

1/4 sheet to feed 30 starts at $125

Pricing based on flavor and design. Specific designs can be emailed to us to accurate price quotes.