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Thank you!!!!

We hope you had as much fun as we did yesterday! We wanted to follow up after class and share a few products we love and you used used during class! 

All the tools you need to continue the fun at home.

Tipless Piping Bags- These are seriously THE BEST! We've tried multiple brands and all either actually need a tip, or are very thin and tend to bulge and bust. 

Cookie Turn Table - The same ones you used during class! This one comes with your scribes as well!

Aprons - By popular demand, here are our aprons! We love these aprons for the heavy duty material and ALL the pockets.

*If you use any of these link we do receive a small commission on the sale.

As promised... Your Royal Icing Recipe:

2 lb of powdered sugar 

4 Tablespoons of Meringue Powder. -We use Sunnyside Bakery (found at Hobby Lobby)

1 c water

Add powdered sugar and Meringue powder to stand mixer with a paddle attachment and turn on lowest setting.

Slowly pour 3/4c cup of water into mixer while it is running. Once incorporated slowly move speed up to high and let whip until light, white, and fluffy! 

To create a flood consistency slowly add 1/4c water and stir by hand with a spatula.

-To check if consistency is correct, pour royal off spatula into bowl. You are flood consistency when royal icing flattens back into existing royal within 10-15 seconds. 

Remember to keep royal covered in air tight container or cover with a damp microfiber towel while using.

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